North Georgia State Fair

22 09 2013

Every year we go I kick myself for not entering some of my photos. I guess there is always next year!

I did not snap as many people photos this year. Believe it no not there were not as many good “People of the Fair” shots as in the past. Could be because we were there on a Sunday early afternoon or I might be one of them now.

Off all the things you can buy at the fair I never would have thunk it! I am not sure which scare me more, the fact you can buy a thong at the fair or the people looking at the booth. You might to click the photo to enlarge to get the full picture.
Holy Kool-Aid Man! Does that sign read “Deep Fried Kool-Aid”?
Grandma did not make “Deep Fried Kool-Aid” and I know we like to fry things in the south but this is getting STUPID! No “Southerner” would deep fry things that don’t need to fried!

Seems that some of these ideas come from across the pond in Scotland. Stop blaming the South.




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