TN & NC Roadtrip

14 07 2012

Last Saturday my good friend Kyle Pease, my nephew Martin, and myself went on a little drive. Kyle has a lot going on right now and needed a distraction and Martin was up visiting for a week so we decided to hang out and drive to the Smokey Mountains.

Tried to give Kyle a look of a comic book graphic novel hero (or at least that is how I will describe this edit).

We made it all the way to Clingman’s Dome. This was Kyle’s first trip and it was an honor to share the moment with him.

The day started early with us leaving around 7:30 am headed North! I shared one of my favorite stops with Kyle and Martin, Tallulah Gorge Point. I love the view and the old store.

I loved this sign.

Second favorite place, GOATS ON A ROOF!

Tiger, GA

We stopped in Cherokee. It was a pretty neat town. We will spend more time there next time.

We made it to the top of the mountain and started the half mile walk up.

This is the view from the top. It was overcast but the view was unbelievable.

After visiting the top of Tennessee we drove into Pigeon Forge for lunch. After a quick bite we fueled up and headed back on the road. I took them to one of Logan’s favorite places. Here are a few pictures.

We ended the trip with a stop in downtown Franklin, NC. They were having some kind of singing. It was so good some of the audience were reading books.




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