Yesterday Was Saturday

12 06 2011

I know the title is odd but that is how I had to think to remember what we did. It was game day!

As I posted yesterday I got up much earlier than everyone else but ti was nice being alone.  We made it done to the games/training and everyone had a blast. The KSU kid’s played “coached” the A-League teams the entire morning. We got there around 8:30 and left around 1:00 pm. I have so many pictures. I will edit and post some of the better ones soon. We also had our first rain of the trip. It was a lot and all at once. On the way back to the Guest House we drove through flooded streets and it kind of added to the adventure.

Once we were dry we headed to lunch. There wasn’t much else to do considering the power was out at the Guest House again. By the time we got back the power was on.

I’m cutting this short and hope to remember to add things to it, but we ordered Domino’s. That’s right! It actually tasted like Domino’s!





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