Rogue size update

25 05 2016

Day she came home

Today May 25 2016


Star Trails over Laura S Walker State Park

6 04 2016

My family and I recently visited Laura S Walker State Park in GA on a short spring break trip. The park is far enough outside  of Waycross that there is very limited light pollution which gave me the opportunity to shoot the stars. Here are two stacked images I have edited so far.


Garden Spider

28 07 2015

Our neighbors have this great garden spider specimen next to their mailbox.

More Backyard Birds

24 05 2015

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Humming Bird Nest

18 05 2015

A neighbor found a humming bird nest in one of his trees. There are a few other birds thrown in hear as well.

Some Shots from Our Trip to the Zoo with the Family

13 04 2015

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SnowDoom 2015

26 02 2015

Not as much as we expected but at least we got out in it a little bit.